Texas Republican State Convention Reflections

Thursday morning at 6am, myself and 6 other Ron Paul supporters from Oklahoma headed down to Texas for the Texas Republican State Convention. Because my sister, Suriyah, had livestreamed the Oklahoma convention and done such a great job, there was a lot of encouragement for us to go down there as the Liberty Live Stream Team to livestream the Texas Convention. Suriyah was not able to go, so my other sister, Ezriyah and I went. We also had Debra Dickinson, Jesse Dickinson, Casey Bryant, Brian Young & Shannon Grimes with us.

We arrived at the Texas Convention around 12noon on Thursday. The first general session had convened earlier that morning, when the Convention Chair was to be elected, but we weren’t able to get there that early. Ron Paul was to speak in the first breakout session at 3:45pm. So in the meantime, we got the internet connection set up and started interviewing Convention delegates on the livestream. The amount of Ron Paul supporters that we found was amazing. They were everywhere!

The team made it into the main arena a little while before the Convention convened, so that we could be in a good position ready to record. The gentleman who introduced Ron Paul was awesome (see the video here)! He could barely get all the words out of his mouth, but at the end of his introduction he said, “Now let me introduce you to the man who should be the next President of the United States….”!!! The crowd went wild. Ron Paul had the most amazing reception of any speaker at the entire convention.

Ron Paul said that he had been asked to speak on Unity. He did. He spoke on unity around principles, around liberty, around the Constitution. It was so encouraging. He was on fire in his speech and it was a fantastic hour long speech. I heard there were people leaving the speech in tears. And people who used to be Romney supporters, became Paul supporters because of this speech. There were 1,200 people watching Ron Paul live on the Liberty Live Stream.

The Convention chair was Texas State GOP Chair Steve Munisteri.

I had heard prior to the Convention that the Ron Paul supporters were going to support him as the Convention Chair, because of his history of being fair. Because of the experience we had at the Oklahoma Convention (and the promise that the convention chair would be fair), I was hoping this chair would actually be fair, and not just “talk of being fair.” From the moment Munisteri was at the microphone in front of the entire delegation, it was obvious that he was being fair. I was impressed right away.

Thursday evening there was a Jordan Page concert that Ron Paul spoke at. We livestreamed the concert and speech here also. It was a fantastic time!

Friday morning started early, because we got to the Convention at 7:30am. Senate district caucuses started at 8am, so we went around to a few different caucuses to livestream this. They were electing State Republican Executive Committee members during this time. The general session of the Convention convened at 10am, took a lunch break and then reconvened at 2pm, to approve the Rules and Platform. The Rules went on for a long time, so much so that the convention had to go to recess from 5pm until 9pm, due to the Gala dinner. The Rules and Platform were not finished until 10:30 or 11pm at night.

After the general session was finished Friday night, we thought we were done for the night. The team headed out to the parking lot and just as I got there, I received a text from a RP delegate saying the nominations committee was still hearing national delegate candidate speeches. I called the team members who were not at the Convention to have them spread the word on the livestream chat that we would be going live again. We stayed until after midnight to livestream the speeches. Most of the delegate speeches we heard were Ron Paul delegate candidates.

Saturday morning was another early start. We arrived at the Convention at 7:30am so that we could get to the congressional district caucuses by 8am. These caucuses were electing 3 delegates and 3 alternates from each congressional district. I had talked to a Ron Paul supporter on Friday (who we had met shortly after arriving on Thursday) and he told me what CD he was in, so we went to CD31 to livestream that. Overall it went well, although we were not able to get a sweep for Ron Paul in this particular CD.

After CD31 was done, we headed to CD6, which was a slow caucus! We had to leave CD6 early, because the general session of the convention was going to be starting again (it started at 1pm).

The convention reconvened around 1pm. Congressman Paul Ryan from Wisconsin spoke at this session. It’s so sad to hear a Congressman like him speak so many good things, but he just DOESN’T get it! He campaigned for Romney back before the Wisconsin primary. How can someone talk about Liberty and go campaign for Romney. Such hypocrisy!

There were a couple breaks the convention had to take, due to waiting on CD12 to finish their caucus. But, eventually at 5:30pm, the caucuses were all done and the final election of delegates could be conducted. It went well and we had a good amount of Ron Paul names in the delegates and alternates elected!

Having been a delegate to the Oklahoma Convention, and then going to watch this Convention, it was like night & day. Oklahoma has a lot to learn from Texas.

The convention in Texas was run so well. The chair was fair, let delegates speak their mind, had lots of patience, explained Robert’s Rules to someone who may have needed some help, & was very entertaining. There were commercials that played on the screen while the delegates were waiting for the next item on the agenda, music that was blasting (which my sister & I danced to in order to keep the livestream viewers entertained while the convention was ‘at ease’), a theme song and so much more. The Texas GOP put so much time, effort and planning into this convention and it showed.

The Texas Convention puts Oklahoma’s state convention to shame. Oklahoma’s State Chair could learn a few things from Steve Munisteri. We have our work cut out for us to improve the Republican Party of Oklahoma, in more ways than one. First and foremost, is advancing the cause of liberty!

I am very thankful that I was able to attend the Texas state Convention with 8 others from Oklahoma. It was a learning experience.  An experience I’ll never forget. I met so many amazing Ron Paul supporters. We had the privilege of meeting & interviewing John Ramsey from Liberty For All SuperPAC (thank you John!) and also Tom Woods (thanks Tom!). It was an incredible 3 days.  When I jumped in with both feet in February to become a state delegate, and then became a coordinator/organizer for Ron Paul grassroots in Oklahoma, I could’ve never dreamed this is where I’d be today. The journey that I have been on for the cause of Liberty for the past 5 months has been awesome!

And, one last note, because the livestream of the Texas convention was watched by hundreds of people, the entire cost of the Liberty Live Stream Team to attend the Convention was paid for by donations. Wow. Thank you to everyone for your support! Thank you to the Daily Paul and the readers there for continuing to keep the thread about the Texas Convention, the Liberty Live Stream Team, and Dr. Paul’s speech on the home page. I volunteered to attend this Convention and could’ve never imagined this.

Onward to Tampa!

-Qadoshyah Fish

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