Open Letter to OK GOP Chairman, Matt Pinnell

I hand delivered the following open letter to OK GOP’s Chairman Matt Pinnell this morning and had an intense, but good 30 minute conversation with him. It started pretty rough with Matt, but he calmed down and it ended on a very positive note. It ended with Matt asking for a meeting with us to discuss how to go forward and what needs to be done to steer our Party in the right direction.

I told Matt I felt that I could talk to him (and he wants us to talk to him!) and that’s why I was coming to him. I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than him getting mad at me. So, when we had a good conversation addressing these issues, I was very pleased. The outcome was different than I expected, so I am very glad with how it went. Thanks Matt for taking the time to talk.


Dear Matt,

I was at the RNC last week, as well as the week prior due to the contest committee. There are some major issues that I feel need to be addressed.

I know you said at our State Convention in May that you would go to bat for the Executive Committee slate 365 days a year.  If the slate had been elected by the Oklahoma State Party rules, I would have no problem with that. But, the slate was elected by breaking the rules of the Oklahoma Republican Party, as well as the Convention Rules.

As you know very well, I was present as a witness at the Contest Committee of the RNC, as well as the Credentials Committee. So much of what I heard come out of your mouth were complete lies, just to get this slate of wrongfully elected delegates seated. I won’t argue over all of that again, as we heard each other’s arguments multiple times in Tampa.

On the OK GOP website you wrote that we had “a successful RNC Convention” last week. What you call a “successful RNC Convention” was a complete sham. As we saw numerous times in the week leading up to the Convention, the Committee on Contests & the Credentials committee unseated duly elected delegates from Maine, Louisiana, Oregon & Massachusetts. The Rules Committee also rammed through rules that completely take away the power from the grassroots.

Once we were on the Convention floor on Tuesday, both Reince Priebus and Speaker Boehner could have cared less for what the delegates wanted. The delegates made their voice loudly heard when a large amount voted against the Credentials report. And then an even larger amount voted against the Rules report. Even our own National Committeewoman, Carolyn McClarty, was opposed to the changes that were shoved through the Rules Committee. There was division called for over and again & points of order raised, yet because it was not on the teleprompter, Chairman Priebus and Speaker Boehner didn’t acknowledge the voice of the people (the delegates).

I would hope this would disturb you, Matt.  But, when I see your complete disregard for rules to be followed at the State level, it doesn’t surprise me that you don’t seem to blink an eye at the railroad job that was our National Convention last week.

What happened last week was a complete embarrassment to the Republican Party.  How do we expect to change the terrible course our nation is on when our own Party can’t follow the rules? When our own Party won’t hear the voice of the people (delegates)? By supporting what happened last week, you are supporting shunning the voice of the people, breaking rules, & unseating rightfully elected delegates.  What the Oklahoma Republican Party should be doing right now, instead of supporting what happened last week, is standing up to the RNC and pointing out the disgusting tactics that were used at the Convention.

How can we say the Republican Party is for the people when our Party won’t even hear the voice of the people at the National Convention level? Or how can we say we’ll get this country back on track, when we do things just as bad as the Democrats at the Party level?  It’s time we stand up for what is right, even if it involves exposing our own Republican Party. People need to see the hypocrisy that the Republican Party has in it. If we don’t fix our own Party, how do we expect to fix the country?

Matt, I know you have the potential to go far in the Republican Party, but if you continue to ignore the breaking of rules and support the kind of things that went on at the Convention last week, you are doing yourself and the Republican Party more harm than good. I plan to stay in the Party, speak up for what is right, even if people don’t want to hear it, and hope to change this Party. I plan to stay involved so that people who condone breaking the rules and ignoring the will of the delegates are held accountable, and cannot get away with this corruption any longer. I hope you will consider what I say here and change your ways before our Party is destroyed even more.


Qadoshyah Fish

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11 thoughts on “Open Letter to OK GOP Chairman, Matt Pinnell

  1. Reblogged this on Finding Gems and Sharing Them and commented:
    Qadoshyah Fish has summed things up well and handled matters as we are supposed to by letting the person offending you know of the problem directly. I encourage many of you to do the same as the opportunity permits. Hold the standard of truth and righteousness up high for all the people to see. Challenge people to do better and encourage them to repent AND turn from wicked ways. Leave the door open and keep the light on the matter for all to see~

    Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for Finding Gems and Sharing Them

  2. This is a very good letter.. well prepared.. and has the words that NEEDED to be said. I have profound doubts that Matt Pinnell would do the right thing. Regarding his career in the GOP, I suspect that where he is at, is as far as he will ever go.

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  6. Prrrft…. If you think this is going to change anything you have more faith in these people than I do. They disenfranchised MILLIONS of AMERICAN VOTERS, and stole from us the one candidate who would have brought an end to it! These are very big wheels at work with tons of money behind them. As far as I am concerned a single guppy in the stomach of a largemouth bass has a better chance of changing the bass than you have of changing the republican party into a non-CRIMINAL organization….


    • If you call standing up for what is right, a “distraction and divisiveness”, I feel sorry for you. It has nothing to do with a distraction or divisiveness. I am doing this to stop the divisiveness. I want to be able to work within this Party, alongside others, but I cannot sit quietly by as rules are broken, delegates are disenfranchised and the national convention has some serious flaws. Working together means we stand up for what is right – even if it hurts to do so.

    • The divisiveness was the intentional frequent breaking of rules mentioned in this letter, and putting the blame on the victims instead of the bullies is the distraction.
      Don`t worry, I`m not in the mood to argue.
      I`m merely stating the truth once to one person and leaving it at that.
      …the honorable thing was the extension of fair reconciliation being this writer.

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